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High Level Waste (HLW)
Canister Relocation


HLW Canisters

CHBWV relocated 278 canisters of vitrified HLW from the Main Plant Process Building to an onsite storage pad. This milestone was safely completed on November 17, 2016.  

HLW Storage Pad Construction

The HLW storage pad was constructed in 2013; and the canister relocation started in 2015.



Vertical Storage Casks

The HLW canisters were placed in long-term storage in a total of 56 robust concrete storage casks.

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Vitrified high-level radioactive waste (HLW) stored inside the Main Plant Process Building (MPPB) at the West Valley Demonstration Project is being prepared for relocation to an outdoor storage pad. The waste was produced at the WVDP during the vitrification (or solidification) of liquid waste. It is being loaded into lined casks and relocated to a storage pad on the WVDP premises so deactivation activities can proceed inside the MPPB. The waste will remain in storage at the WVDP until a federal waste repository is available to accept it for disposal.

Major activities include

  • Construction of a concrete storage pad (complete)
  • Fabrication of cask liners and Vertical Storage Casks (in progress)
  • Interior and exterior upgrades necessary to support cask loading and transport (in progress)
  • Canister decontamination (prior to relocation)
  • Canister loading and relocation


High-Level Waste Relocation Project