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Public Meeting at the Ashford Office Complex

Quarterly Public Meetings and Citizen Task Force
meetings provide opportunities for public and
stakeholder interaction with WVDP management
and subject matter experts.


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Stakeholder involvement and public participation in West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP) meetings is welcome and encouraged. If you are interested in participating, please contact Joseph Pillittere at or (716) 942-4996 to receive an invite and link to the virtual meeting. See the descriptions below for information and a schedule of WVDP public meetings.

Security Measures for Public Meetings


Citizen Task Force (CTF)

The West Valley Citizen Task Force (CTF) is a 19-member advisory group that held its first meeting in late January 1997. The CTF meets several times each year to discuss topics related to the current and future activities at the WVDP. CTF members lead the discussion at these meetings, with time allowed for public observer comments. 

Quarterly Public Meetings (QPM)

The WVDP hosts quarterly meetings to inform the general public about current and planned activities at the site. These sessions also provide opportunities for questions and feedback from the audience.

2022 Public Meetings
2023 Public Meetings





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