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CHBWV is Committed to
Workplace Safety

CHBWV promotes a work environment that values the safety of all WVDP workers and site visitors. We partner with our customer, the US Department of Energy, and site owner New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, to prevent injuries, industrial and radiological incidents.

In November 2013, the CHBWV Team was awarded the DOE-Voluntary Protection Program STAR designation, in recognition of its commitment to and promotion of site-wide safety initiatives. The STAR designation is reserved for DOE sites that are deemed to have the highest safety standards. VPP emphasizes worker involvement and accountability in all aspects of workplace safety.

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Our Commitment to
Environmental Responsibility

Responsible protection of the environment is a CHBWV commitment. While performing work at the WVDP, we:

         Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations

         Protect natural, biological and cultural resources

         Consider stakeholder input when weighing alternative environmental courses of action

Routine and activity-specific environmental monitoring activities ensure CHBWV is meeting its commitments. The results of monitoring activities are compiled on an annual basis and reported in the Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER).


CHBWV Environmental Policy

ISO 14001:2015 Certification